What's your reporting setup look like?


Unbounce provides some decent analytics data on page performance, conversions, etc., but it exists in a silo. In other words, if we run Facebook ads to an Unbounce page, we have to look at both the Facebook ads data and the Unbounce data to match everything up and paint the big picture.

So… is there a better way to report on the success of campaigns? What do you use? Do you just reference different sources of data (paid media sources, Google Analytics, Unbounce, etc.) or is there an all-in-one method or tool for getting that big picture of the success of your campaigns? Curious to hear your thoughts on this!


Hi Nicholas, this is an important topic. We use Google Analytics extensively both for reporting and for analysing our A/B tests.

Our current setup can be summarized in these points:

  1. Use the built in GA integration in Unbounce
  2. Define goals in GA to track conversions
  3. Create segments in Google Analytics that will let you see traffic for each page variant (see attached)
  4. Make sure your traffic is properly tagged using utm_source, utm_campaign, utm_medium, utm_content

    Once you have that set up you can use GA to drill down by traffic source, campaign, device - you name it. You can also build a dashboard in GA giving you the KPIs you need.

When we report on concluded tests to our customers we visualize this in 2 slides. 1 with screenshot of each page variant - the other one with the KPIs Visitors, Conversion, CVR, variance and statistical significance for each variant.

I know this was just scratching the surface, but hope it helps.


Hello Nicholas,

Google Analytics is good but it could be limited if you also needs to give stats to your partners.

As an Web agency we have a lot of different ways to broadcast our campaigns and tracking is important for us as we work on a CPL model.

For me the best tool are the one used for affiliation.
We are in France so i use a tool named Affilae that allow me to track everything from my affiliates. (opening, clics, %, leads, amount of order, etc). It’s french but there is an english version: https://affilae.com/en 

They are a lot of tools like that, Hasoffers (http://www.hasoffers.com/) for example (but it feels more complicated).

Again it all depends on your needs and your needs in the future :slight_smile:


Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much. Very helpful! Setting up something similar now.


Finge, I’d love to see how you present the data to your customers. Your LP’s and site are stunning, so I imagine you present the data in a similar way. In fact, it would be interesting to see how different agencies follow through when presenting results to clients. 


We try to make it simple and easy to understand for all parts of the customer organization.

Our per test reporting usually just consist of 2 slides, one with the 2 variants side by side and the next one with the KPIs.

See attached example:


Clean, beautiful and to the point - highlighting the most important data. Love it.