What's your Feedback on my Multi-Step Landing Page?


Hey Unbounce community!

Looking for some feedback on this landing page I’ve created.

The original 1-Step landing pages are not getting many conversions so I wanted to chop down the form and create a stronger value prop to contact the company for a proposal vs a consult.

The traffic coming to this page is inbound traffic coming from Search in a very niche marketing. This agency exclusively does branding for companies in Real Estate – this one is aimed at Hotels.

Here’ is the original page:

Here are the new pages, Steps 1-3:

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
  3. Step 3


Side note:

I’m also having issues with getting images to appear sharp & crisp.

I’ve tried importing them in super high-res, exactly 2x in size, but still the images are blurry.

Additional thoughts on a fix for that?


Look forward to your feedback. Thank you! :smile:


Hey Darren,

Awesome page design! Thanks for sharing. I think the page looks great from an aesthetic perspective, and it has all of the right elements in place such as testimonials, trust logos, a contrasting CTA, etc.

My hunch would be it’s not the page design, but the offer. On both versions of the page, the offer was a bit confusing. I see the “view case studies” as the main CTA in the header, but it looks like you’re really trying to go after the “get your proposal” offer. I’d maybe cut out the case studies CTA and only focus on the proposal.

Also, a proposal might not be the best offer if this is search traffic. Typically, when I think of getting a proposal, it’s usually after I’ve already learned quite a lot about a company. It might be too soon to get people thinking about a proposal.

Have you tried other offers, like a ebook lead magnet, maybe a “2017 branding look book” or something that has value for your audience, but doesn’t feel like part of the sales process?



Hey Nicholas!

Great feedback and thank you!

1. Change up CTA

Great suggestion! Changed that and updated the LP. LMK what you think. :slight_smile:

2. Search Traffic & Intent

The search traffic is super bottom funnel so I was hoping a stronger offer would be better as these searches are direct searches for agencies like this “hotel branding agency” – which I know a portion of that is in consideration stage and not ready to commit.

With that said…

I definitely agree with you that another offer should be tested.

I had this one prepared and in mind, it’s a Multifamily Branding Guide.



I’m feeling now that I should:

  1. switch 1-step form to the Multi-Step form page;
  2. A/B test a version of this page for the Ebook;
  3. run an Unbounce Convertable
  • Convertable on the Multi-step = Ebook offer
  • Convertable on the Ebook offer = Get a Free Proposal

Thoughts on that?