What URL should I use - my site is not "empty"


If I own an active, populated website called example.com, what address should I use with unbounce?

I plan to use this with adwords and it would make sense to have www.example.com/keyword as the display url. But when choosing a domain, unbounce suggests that I should use my own domain only if it is “empty”.



Hey there,

Since you have a website at example.com/www.example.com, you’ll want to use a custom subdomain for your Unbounce landing pages.

Something along the lines of try.example.com or get.example.com work great.

As long as the domains in your display and target URL are the same (different subdomains are A-okay), Google AdWords will be happy.


Hey Ryan

Is this a vanity subdomain, so to speak, or do I need to actually create a subdomain (e.g. in my cpanel)?



Hey Phillip - I believe you’d need to create the subdomain in your cPanel. I’m not sure how you’d then create the folder into which you can upload your file (varies by host) but creating the subdomain first should be a step in the right direction. Which host are you with? We could possibly do a search to find some steps for you.


I’ve set up the subdomain and I’ve found where I change the cname. I’m just not sure how many of the five entries I need to change. I’ve submitted a ticket to my hosts, vidahost.com, but I thought I’d post it here for you guys in case you had some input.




It’s only the first two they’ve said.