What Templates Would You Like on Unbounce?


What types of landing page templates would people like to see on Unbounce? Please provide descriptions, or existing examples for reference.


I would like to see templates that can accommodate forms with more fields. Sometimes you need a landing page with 12+ fields.


Hi John,
Thanks for answering. You make a good point re: length of forms.
What you can do right now is click on the background area that is containing the form and stretch this to be longer. Then you can add as many form fields as you like (double-click the form to access the form editor).

The only thing to watch out for here is that you need to make the containing “page section” longer to accommodate the change in height.

Here is a quick video showing what I mean:


(Apologies for the quiet audio)

Hope this helps.



I would like to see at least 1 more sales or rep template.
Could be used for Bios, Refferals etc.