What slack channels are you on?


Motion is lotion and I’m all about continuous learning :sunglasses:

I’ve recently hopped in some marketing channels on slack to stay up to date, talk shop, and learn from my peers across the globe.

Here are some of my favourite channels:

What slack channels are you on?


I’ll bite!

I find Slack to be super useful with connecting with peeps in our industry. The channels that I monitor / participate in are:

But my favourite slack channel is the Unbounce Team slack channel, mostly because I get to chat with our @Unbounce-Experts all day. :spinbounce:


I am in the Wistia Community, the Wistia Agency Community, and CRO Tricks. In addition to the @Unbounce-Experts slack channel.


I love music. I am in the Musical.ly channel.