What shall we do with unbounce?


Hi, I am new to the unbounce. May i know the use of unbounce. What shall we do with unbounce?


Hi! Wow, that’s pretty big question.

First, I should ask, are you currently engaged in any online marketing activities? Hearing a bit about what you’re doing would help answer your question in terms that’ll make sense for you, so let us know!

In general, Unbounce provides a nice browser-based web page editor, will host your pages, and allows you to do easy split-testing. We also have built-in form capture for lead generation. Unbounce users have launched new products, optimized their existing PPC campaigns, the list goes on and on.

Does that give you a rough idea?



Thanks a lot for your reply. I am a web developer.

My question: I am creating a page(Landing Page) in my server (www.mydomain.com/test.php)). By using Unbounce, is it possible to track the page weight, visitors, views, conversion rate, etc.,



Ah, I get it. No, not really, Unbounce is used to *create* the pages, and our testing/reporting tools are built for the pages we host.

That said, you can point your own domain at Unbounce (like ads.mydomain.com), create and publish a page in Unbounce, and avoid writing a bunch of PHP! You can always try us for free and play around a bit: