What is the step by step process to integrate an Unbounce form with a Pardot form handler?


I am having difficulty trying to connect an unbounce form to be recorded on pardot. I’ve looked for answers on unbounce and pardot help but haven’t found any good ones that go through a step by step on how it is done. 


Hey John!

I don’t have step by step instructions for Pardot, but I have general instructions on how this can be done:


What you’ll be doing is replicating a Pardot form on Unbounce. Those instructions should serve as a guideline. You’ll just want to make sure you match up those fields exactly.



Hey John!

In addition to Johnny’s helpful reply, I wanted to chime in and also mention our good pals at Pardot have written a quick post on how to add a Pardot form, and their tracking code, to an Unbounce landing page.

Feel free to take a gander here.

Additionally, I’d also encourage any Pardot and Unbounce users to express their wish for a direct integration over in ideas. We’ll be revamping integrations this year and would love to learn more about what you need.



Lou that page now 404s… bummer


Hi Heather!
We’ll reach out to Pardot to see exactly what happened to that page. Until then, this should suffice: https://medium.com/@cdheiden/connecting-pardot-and-unbounce-e58f85f67576


I’ve put together a step-by-step process detailing how I did this. Now, I went a little complicated because I wanted my form to look nice, but here it is.



that link from pardot is down! :frowning: