What is the easiest way to import existing landing pages in Unbounce?


We would like to use Unbounce to quickly create variants of succesful landing page templates within the online marketing department.

The requirement for that would be to easily import existing landing page layouts into Unbounce.

Is there a specific feature for this? (ideal scenario: An importer, where you give the URL and it automatically downloads and rebuilds the page in Unbounce)

Best, Bjoern


Hello Bjoern. I know that you spoke to us on the phone yesterday, but just to provide an answer for anyone looking at this thread:

There is currently no easy way to import existing pages into Unbounce. The only way is to upload the graphics and reassemble the page in the editor.

Once your pages are assembled in Unbounce you are good to go however, and you can publish, modify, republish and duplicate pages at will.

We have been discussing some different methods of improving this situation (the ‘page importer’ certainly sounds like an interesting idea!)



Hi Jason,

thanks for the heads-up. I’m happy that you like the page-importer idea.


I’d really love this as well. It is quicker for me to make a page in HTML and import than creating a page using the GUI. But don’t get me wrong, the GUI is very good.


I’d like to add that I think an importer tool would be a great feature!


It’s been a year since the feature to import existing HTML pages was asked for. Does this exist now?


time flies :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
A “page importer” is a huge endeavour given the current architecture of our editor. Knowing that, we have been focused on all of the features and improvements we can make so that building new pages, or creating pages from a template, is as easy as possible. Unfortunately we don’t have this on our roadmap in the near future. If that changes, we’ll update this thread.



Yes it does. Yes. It. Does.



Any update to an HTML importer? I am told by some Elance developers that they create HTML landing pages and provide them to customers that import them into Unbounce, is this accurate?

Please let me know if I can have a developer create an HTML page outside of Unbounce and upload or import that page into Unbounce?

Thank You,


Hey Tim - that’s an unfortunate no. We’ve got a ton planned but an HTML import feature isn’t on our roadmap for now. Do you strictly need someone who can reassemble the pages in Unbounce for you? Or are you looking for someone who can design/build the pages in Unbounce?


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You can try the email marketing slicer tool named “mailrox” at www.mailrox.com - You can slice your JPG and export in pieces. The problem is: you got stuck with the sliced images and have to put than online one by one. And Unbounce editor don’t have even GRIDS to make the job less painful. So you will do an “Eye Job”.

I really don’t know why a small company in London can do a WYSIWYG Slice-n-go-Tool, but guys at unbounce can’t do it (or are not interested in doing it). And With Brilliant people Carl Schmidt, Oli Gardner and Rick Perreault on the board.

The result is: unbounce partner companies charge you U$ 600+ just to slice your JPG and upload it to Unbounce. On the other hand, you can do a PSD-to-PHP like this one - www.engetronics.net.br - for just U$ 120

So, if you are looking to use unbounce templates, its a nobrainer: sign with Unbounce. But if you are using customized layouts do the math again and again.


Just letting you that I’ve signed up to use Unbounce with the Pro plan and I am canceling right away after not finding this feature. I already have Landing pages and would like to server 40 variations (that root back to 5 original concepts). Recreating it in your editor would be wasting lots of my time. I hope you give this more priority.


I’m sorry but that’s not true. You can hire www.designpax.com to do your slicing and uploading to Unbounce. They charge only $250 which is the same price most companies charge just for doing HTML (www.psd2html.com). That’s why I use 99designs for my creative and DesignPax.com for my PSD-2-Unbounce work .They are THE premiere Unbounce partner for design/etc.


I created a page yesterday and i logged back in today and unbounce will not let me see my page! what the fuck is this. do you think i am going to continue after the free trial expires?

all i see is a statistics page. no way to navigate to my page …if it still exists


Hey Michael,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble navigating to your page. It sounds like you’re on what we call the page overview screen - you should see an edit button. If you click the edit button, you’re brought to the page builder where you can edit your page.

In the chance, you’re still having trouble navigating to your page, I’ve opened a support ticket for you, so I can help you further.


An HTML importer or editor would be a great feature, I’m sad its not on your roadmap. However, it would also work for me if I could embed your form in my existing landing pages.

Frankly unless you have no coding skills whatsoever the GUI is tedious, and since I can’t control the optimization, page weight, or server quality, it also affects my adWord quality rating, which can greatly increase costs.

Your Side by Side comparison tool is your strength, much more intuitive and easier than sifting through google analytics or other similar services.

Is there a way I can embed code from you into my page?


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