What is the best way to setup Google Analytics goals to work with Unbounce?


What is the best way to setup Google Analytics goals to work with Unbounce? I do not have an ecommerce site, I am only tracking lead generation, so most of our goals are based on off users landing on the thank you page. Of course, in Unbounce the thank you/confirmation page is only a popup without a unique URL to drive the goal. How is best to proceed here?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hey Adam!

I can’t say what the ‘best’ way to setup your goals is as several customers setup their goals in different ways. Since we don’t have access to their accounts, it’s hard to gauge what exactly is the most popular method.

That said, several customers have had luck by setting the goal in GA as a ‘destination’ and setting that destination url as a regular expression set to:


This should target your form confirmation dialog for all variants of your page

Hope this works just as well for you!


is “form_confirmation” the equivalent to the unbounce “url”?\


Hi Ben - Any Unbounce form confirmation dialog page will be whatever your URL is and then have a reference to the variant letter and then have form_confirmation.html as it’s page name.

So, if your landing page URL is www.mydomain.com/buynow, the URL of the confirmation dialog for variant A would be www.mydomain.com/buynow/a-form_confirmation.html, and for variant B it would be www.mydomain.com/buynow/b-form_confirmation.html, etc.

Since this question was first asked, Johnny’s actually had a chance to dig in a bit more, so we have documentation on setting your form confirmation as a destination goal in GA that you can find here



I’ve tried it on my account and it doesn’t work.
I’m using the form confirmation dialog but i’m not see the url change after the form is filled.
I just have a pop in but no url change.

Can you help?

Many thanks,


Hi Ignace, 

If you’re using the built-in form confirmation dialog, you won’t see the URL, since it’s in a lightbox, but as Quinn noted above, the URL is just your landing page URL with the variant letter and form_confirmation.html appended (ie. www.landingpage.com/a-form_confirmation.html for the A variant, www.landingpage.com/b-form_confirmation.html for the B, etc).

There’s also detailed instructions about setting up your form confirmation dialogs as Analytics goals here.


Link doesn’t work @here above…


This is the updated documentation for anyone else who happens to land here: 


Doesn’t work for me either. Would appreciate it if somebody could provide me with the valid link.


Hi Josh + Oscar! 
You can find the updated documentation here: 


Great… only the “here” link just points to a bounce page… pleace UnBounce it :smiley:


Thanks for the updated article. Let’s give it a try :) 


Hello, the last link doesn’t work any more. Could you please send a new one?
Many thanks!


Hi Carolin,

I believe these pages below are the ones you’re looking for:



I’ve read this thread and article but I’m still unsure how it’s possible. The URL doesn’t change on the pop-up confirmation page.

Please advise.


Hi @nikesh,

Although on the surface the URL of the landing page and the form confirmation doesn’t change, actually in the background each variant has it’s unique letter.

Variation A, B, C, etc. Same thing with the confirmation popups. They can be uniquely identified.