What is a good audience size for FB/Instagram ads? Does anyone have an answer?


When starting out my Facebook campaigns I am often confused about what is a good audience size? Facebook seems to say that the audience is defined when there are 5 million people in the audience and also when there are 500K people in the audience.

I have often seen better results after reducing the size of my audience but then the problem of scalability comes up.

So can anyone here help me understand what a good audience size is to test out different audience assumptions ?

This is good question!

I’m not sure if there is a standard, because it depends on so many things. I once had a senior teammate (years more experience and knowledge than myself) tell me that there needs to be at least 1 million in the estimated audience size for an effective campaign. Then when scaling is a priority, there should be at least 10 million estimated.

It would great to hear what Facebook says about this. Anyone in the community have some connections? :grin:

Hello @Shaurya_Kanoria,

I just had a look at our account and here a few examples:
one has a 3,6M audience, one has 19,5M people one has 4,7 M, one has 22M, etc.

I guess it depends on your country (we are in France which has a population of 60M) and your targeting.

I just know that for B2C campaign we are not trying anymore to target a specific personna. We set up a big audience and we let the algorythm from facebook do the job. The drawback is that it will take a few days and budget for it to find what you are looking for. The added value is that when it’s done, you usually have more audience at your disposal.