What if your CTA is a telephone call?


My Main call to action is to get my phones ringing! If a telephone call is my main CTA where do you guys suggest adding it for best results?

I was thinking of putting it where the button is in the typical click thru templates. What say you?


Are you using a vendor to implement click-to-call? Or are you simply trying to measure phone calls?

If the former, you should have a script which invokes the call. If you have a vendor but not script, you should check with your pay-per-call vendor to see if they’re able to share one. Unbounce has a list of supported partners which includes Ifbyphone, a terrific solution.

If the latter, you can use Google Voice to create measurable CTAs for free. I’m happy to step you through this, but in the interest of saving time, it’s helpful to know what your situation is.


The latter - I was planning on just using google voice. Thanks for the help. I was really just looking for good advice where to put the phone number based on the available unbounce templates…but I like the idea of making them measurable without going thru a vendor (cost reasons).