What happens when your max unique visitors is hit?


What happens when your max unique visitors is hit? Are the statistics turned off and no more data is collected but the user still sees your page? Or does that mean your page will 404 or otherwise not be shown to the user?

This is a purchase deciding factor for me. I can’t imagine putting my website in any situation in which a spike in traffic means my page just disappears! :slight_smile:



Hi John - many thanks for posting this on Get Satisfaction - we get this question quite a lot and its good to get a chance to answer it in a pubic forum.

When customers exceed their visitor allotment we send them a gentle reminder to upgrade their account. Thats it.

Your pages will stay up and continue to function as before and your account will not be disrupted in any way; you can still create and test new pages, access your form data and review your stats (which continue to accrue as normal.)

You can view your current traffic level via the bar graph on the “Manage Subscription” tab of your “Account” screen to keep an eye on how you are doing.

We would only ever take a page down in situations where illegal or offensive activity was occurring via the page.

Hope this helps answer your question Nobody wants their pages to disappear!


Thanks Jason for the prompt reply.

So what happens if we don’t upgrade after that gentle reminder? :slight_smile:

My concern would be – let’s say you have a site that generates say 1,000+ unique visitors a month but for whatever reason, this does not translate into much revenue for the developer. For sake of argument – only 10 dollars a month. This means to use Unbounce I would need to pay 50 dollars a month for a site that may only generate 10 dollars off of those visitors.

What is the solution here? If I had a lower account, I would get a reminder from Unbounce saying that I have hit my threshold and I should upgrade – but if I know it doesn’t make economic sense to upgrade… What happens?

The real value I am finding with Unbounce is the *amazingly* simple and powerful HTML editor. I plan on using this for as much of my simple HTML development as possible and the A/B split testing is icing on the cake for me.

Also, I am considering replacing my usage of WuFoo and using Unbounce instead. If I could do all the same form data-storage that I can do at WuFoo but also get the great HTML editor and A/B testing… You guys win hands down!

I’m still just a little uncertain about how to avoid a situation where I need to pay up to 250/month for traffic that wouldn’t justify the expense.

Thanks for any insights!


Hi John - sorry for taking a little while to get back to you on your follow-up question.

Our pricing is really set-up for people running PPC campaigns who would typically expect to see higher returns for their traffic than the example you give here. However we are aware that this is not the case for everyone.

Drop us a line to support@unbounce.com and let us know what kind of business you are in, how you typically drive traffic and how you intend to use anding pages in your marketing and we’ll see if we can come up with any options for you.

We are working on a couple of methods by which customers can get higher traffic allotments without spending any more money, and its also worth mentioning that our pricing plan is always under review.



Thanks Jason – I’ll be in contact to see what the best next moves are. I appreciate the insight though.

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Hi John, thanks for the great feedback and questions. Would like the opportunity to discuss on the phone if you have a few minutes over the next week or so.

Best Regards,

Rick Perreault, CEO