What do you think about this landing page?


Please give us your touhgts about this landing page: http://www.bossanstravel.com/caribbean-cruises/


Thanks Daniel you are 100% on point with that! We will also check about the fonts :slight_smile:

Some time when you are so hands on to the project you dont see those details anymore!



I know what you mean! :slight_smile:


I think on the whole it is pretty good. However I would look at changing the fonts, they don’t look easy on the eye.

I would create room at the top above the form for a large eye opening statement that describes exactly what you do: “We will help you to organise the perfect cruise” or something like that.

At the moment the first bit of text that stands out is “5 reasons to choose use” and that’s a little weird as I don’t know the service you provide yet.

Daniel Gillen