What do you think about my landing page?


1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve?
Trying to inform people about the building they are about to purchase. We want people to have peace of mind and know that what they’re about to buy is safe and sound.

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
This landing page is strictly for Google Adwords

3: What is your conversion goal?
On the desktop version, fill in our email form. On the mobile version, call us (click to call buttons)

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:


Hello NZSurveys,

From the mind of a freshly caffeinated Dane:


  • Being a fan of short landingpages, the lenght of the page works for me, but there is a lo* of text on a very small amount of landingpage. So I would either add one more section to make room for it, or remove some of the text.

  • Go with just 1 phonenumber. If I, as a prospect, have to choose between “mobile” and “phone” then I automatically assume that one might not be answered, and I now have to determine which to call. Remove the friction easily though, by just removing one of them. (If it’s because one might not be answered, set up call forwarding with your phone company).

  • The background picture has pros and cons. He is looking at the contactform, and multiple studies show that humans tend to look where others look. He is also clearly wearing the logo which shows me that this is a representative.
    The cons however are simply 2: He is squinting, probably at the light from the suns reflection, but that carries a negative connotation and I dont want an “angry” person to come visit my home. Lastly, he is just looking at a window, is this man really a building inspector?
    Would see if I could find a picture of the same person where he is relaxed and inspecting something where a normal person wouldn’t think “That I can do myself”.

  • The columns have a few things I would test to show badges of instead. If they exist, then NZS:4306 + an insurance badge would free up a lot of space in the middle, and could be put at the edges of the page / in the header, as long as they are above the fold.

  • I would split this: Manawatu/Horowhenua. If you are running Google AdWords, then you have complete control over who lands where. Simply create different ads for people from each place, and use Dynamic Text Replacement on your pages to use the correct city when people visit from a certain place. And if they aren’t from any of those, then you can default back to using both.

  • In the bottom you have a section about what else you can help with. I’d create different landingpages for these instead.

  • A good test might be to add an exit-intent popup giving them a free sample of what their report could look like in exchange for a phonenumber or e-mail.


  • It would make sense to see if you can shorten some of the sentences either way, since you can convey the same message in fewer words, for example:
    “Moisture checks with electronic instrumentation” // “Electronic moisture checks”

  • In the top, you emphasize the term “building reports”, but it has a line break in between which defeats the purpose. I’d advice you to put it on 1 line so that my brain can easily pick it up rather than seeing it as 2 separate things.

  • A lot of the text could be rewritten with mindset of benefits, not features. Think, what does the customer gain, rather than what you can offer.
    For example: “Next day turnaround on reporting” // “Get your report in 24 hours!”


  • I would start by testing other colors than red. The yellow and red in combination with the ribbon from mid-winter special screams “WARNING” and “DANGER” at me. I don’t want to click the big red button.

Should note, that if that is what’s trying to be conveyed since it’s a building report, it might be worth keeping it and instead testing a change of the copy on the page, to convey how there’s a “danger” involved in not getting it and that you can help alleviate that.

Coffee-mug is almost empty so will have to wrap up, but have a great day, and feel free to send me a message if you post an amended version.

  • Andreas Obel


Thanks a lot for the feedback, a lot of good points to take away. I’ve just got a few questions regarding your suggested changes.

  1. Splitting Manawatu/Horowhenua into two landing pages. Manawatu and Horowhenua are indeed two different regions, but most of the time, they are kind of merged into one when being displayed/advertised. For example, if you were looking at properties to buy and you were searching by region, you would see, “Auckland - Waikato - Manawatu/Horowhenua - Canterbury” etc. So it’s quite common to group the two. Also, only maybe… 10%? of our work comes from Horowhenua. Would you still recommend splitting them?

  2. In the ‘What else can we help you with’ section, you say to create landing pages for each of these services. They do have their own landing pages. The reason I have them there is it is quite common for people to get one of those reports AS WELL as a building report, so they’re there as a 'I’m getting a building report, oh and look they have meth reports, I’ll get one of those too". It’s the same as someone landing on our Asbestos Survey page and seeing we also do Asbestos Testing, so they add that on too. Is this logic faulted?

  3. Exit intent pop up. This is a great idea. Would you use this to get their phone number and then call them and try to sell them again? Perhaps even email through a quote?

  4. Colour scheme. Our company colours are yellow, black and red. With that in mind, would you still test other colours? I’ve never done it because I thought it would be quite odd to use say… green, when that colour has nothing to do with our company (also we have competitors where green is their main colour).

I’m going to make some changes, I’ll message you when these are done, if you wouldn’t mind having a second look. Thanks again for the feedback


Hello again,

Keep in mind that everything below is biased on what I personally think would work and no matter what, nothing can be deemed as “better” unless the data shows it.

The best conversion tip I could ever give to someone with a lot to test and limited time:
Use the Pareto Principle.

There’s A LOT of testing options on this page, so I would sit down and create an Excel spreadsheet where they are all ranked in terms of potential impact, time to create the graphics/changes, cost etc. and then test the quick wins first.

  1. This is a great example of local knowledge being superior. In this case, I would see how much the 10% make of the total. If the jobs in one of the two areas are worth far more, I would isolate it to ramp up traffic to that area.
    If not that, then the only other scenario where I would test, would be if the 10% make up a large amount. I.e. you have 1000 jobs, and 100 of those are from that specific area.

  2. That sounds great, in that case I would probably try and look at historical data and see what people typically buy. If you can see that 95% of purchases come from 2 or 3 types, then I would test two versions of the same page: One where all of them are offered, and one where only the top 3 types are offered.

  • That way the prospect is freed from having to “think” too much.
  1. Exactly. Run a test with either phone or e-mail. Generally people don’t want to give out their numbers, but worth a test. These can be run parallel with any testing of landingpages since it’s just something you put “on top of”. (Thank you Unbounce!)

  2. This is one of the things I would definitely test. Even if your colors are one type, it’s worth experimenting with different shades of them. But do keep in mind, that everyone is biased here and has their own preferences, the only way to come up with an answer is to test it.

  • Andreas Obel


again, thank you very much for your feedback, I will DM you once I’ve updated the page if you wouldn’t mind having one last look over it to see if there is anything you would change. Appreciate your time