What are unbounce's plan for improving the form?

Hello there,

I’ve been using Unbounce for several years now, i’m loving it and as a lead generation agency it’s an essential part of our business (and success).

There have been a lot of new features in the last few years and it’s great.

Still, as we are getting more clients, with different needs in the information we have to collect form them, i’m losing more and more time finding, testing, modifying JS script to improve my forms.

Right now, all my LP are now using by default the Multi-step form 2.0 (as the conversion rate is incredibly higher) with a lot of different scripts like:

  • error translation (in french)
  • date picker (i can’t make it work with multistep)
  • custom validation when it’s working
  • we used to have field masking but can’t make it work with multistep 2
  • focus and glow,
  • other ways to change the values of my fields so when they are sent by webhook, they appear differently. (zapier is not always the perfect solution for this)

It’s quite a mess honestly and for now i refuse to use third party form as i need the stats in unbounce to keep using A/B testing.

Even the form configurator is a pain and lacks tons of feature:

  • limit the number of characters in the fields
  • chose only numeric fields or alphanumeric
  • special field (date picker, date of birth, etc)
  • specify minimum and maximum for a numeric only field
  • be able to affect different value to the choice of a field (for a webhook)
  • more options for telephone verification
  • field masking
  • ability to move fields by dragging them

i can imagine this represents a ton of works but i just want to know if this is something that is on the roadmap in the next months ? or am i in the minority here which would mean that maybe i should really consider a third party option for the forms ?

Anyway, thanks for the great work !

P.S. : can we have a favorite palette for the colors in the builder ? :slight_smile:


Hi @julien_level thanks so much for taking the time to give us some feedback on our forms. Extra bonus points for you as well for delivering it in such a pleasant and understanding way. That’s not lost on us and we really appreciate it.

I’m going to link you to another recent post in the community that provided some similar feedback on our forms. The Product Manager who works with our content creation team has replied there with a bit more context on what we are working on currently.

Thanks again for the feedback Julien. It’s extremely valuable for us and we are always open to hear more so keep it coming!

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Hi @Rob,

Thanks for taking the time ro reply.

As i see from @Jordana’s post on the other subject, it’s not gonna happen soon.

i’ve spend the last 2 day trying all the third party form and it seems Jotform is the one with the best options, but its a bit of a mess to integrate on our landing pages.

I’m having difficulties trying to track the leads but i’ll do another post about that.