What are the marketing tools you can't live without?

In 1675, Isaac Newton made (arguably) his most famous statement:

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”

Hey everyone, I’m Sepy, Manager of Customer Marketing at Unbounce - nice to meet you :raising_hand_man:! The quote above from Mr. Newton above reminds me of the myriad tools I’ve used over the years as a marketer. To me, standing on the shoulders of giants means leveraging marketing technology and tools to save time, and make complicated marketing more accessible.

I know Isaac Newton wasn’t thinking about software when he wrote that, but hey… here we are! :joy:

:left_speech_bubble: Today, I’d love to know who your “giants” are! What are some of the marketing tools that have helped you see farther? What are some of the marketing tools and technology out there that you just can’t live without?

Leave your replies in the thread, and let’s see if we find some commonalities amongst our community users. Can’t wait to hear your replies!

PS. I’ll assume you love Unbounce, so no need to mention us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Zapier, Mailparser.io

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Welcome to the Community, @markoptive ! Thanks for the :left_speech_bubble: - Zapier is a dream.

PPC Signal to optimize my paid campaigns and ChartExpo ™ to visualize results of marketing efforts to make timely and better decision.

Above Sankey diagram is created with just few clicks without any coding, that’s why I can’t live without ChartExpo.

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Welcome to the Unbounce Community, @CharlesFriedo ! Thanks for the recommendation - will check out ChartExpo later today :clap:

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