What are some best practices/guidelines for pre-event marketing?


My company goes to several regional trade shows that we are not the sponsor or the responsible party putting on the event. However, we do have a booth during the trade show. Through some research I’ve found a lot of best practices for major events that a company would host themselves. That all makes sense to me, but I’m having a hard time coming up with best practices if you are just an exhibitor who received the attendee list.

In the past we’ve sent out post cards, marketing our business with our general theme as well as what booth number we are at. Same goes for an emails we have sent. I feel like it’s a bit to scattered with messaging and needed some industry insight on the best way to “market” our company pre-show. Is it our general marketing campaign, is it just see us at the booth, is a giveaway or to register to speak with a rep at the show?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Is your message unique and authoritative? 

You can do many things but if the message is not  strong and unique enough then your conversion will always be low no matter what you try.