We're looking for usability test participants!



Hi everyone!

Jess here from Unbounce (again) :wave:

We’re looking to conduct a few usability tests with anyone who’s willing and able to help us out! If you’re interested, there might be some sweet Unbounce swag in it for you. :wink:

The meeting will take 30 minutes, we’ll send you a few materials and ask a few questions and that’s it!

If you’re interested, leave a comment on this thread before January 10th and we’ll follow up with you.

Thanks in advance! Happy page building! :spinbounce:




Hey Jess,

I’m happy to help!




Very interested


Heck yeah!! @T_Mamalick @Stefano @Explore-Digital I’ll follow up with you today. :tada:


Me, me, me, me! :clap:

I’d love to help out.


Count me in, I’ll do anything for some Unbounce swag. Sign me up!


Happy to help!


Yeah I am in


I’d like to participate.


I’d like to participate, if you’re still looking for people?




I’d love to be part of the experience. (Doing a presentation on UnBounce to local marketers and small businesses in February.) Tom Voller-Berdan


:raising_hand_man: I’d enjoy participating and swag


You had me at Happy page building, which is the end of the post since I decided to thoroughly read it all. Yes I’m interested.


:raising_hand_man: I’m here to help!


Happy to help