We're Creating Design Resources for Small Businesses, and We Need Your Help!

Hey everyone!

The team at Unbounce is putting together a new resource focused on design tips and hacks. Our goal is to help smaller teams, who may not have access to a designer, create better visuals to support their campaigns and landing pages.

Why are we doing this?

With so many small businesses making their first foray into digital marketing during COVID-19, we’ve been on a mission to create foundational content to help them get started. In this case, we hope that compiling some actionable tips, tools, and hacks—validated by our in-house team of designers—will provide shortcuts to launching for these scrappier marketers.

How can you help?

We’d appreciate it very much if you can take 5 minutes to complete the survey below, and even more so if you can share it with anyone who might be interested. We’re especially interested in the perspective of non-designers.

Take the survey now

(We’re not using the survey for other purposes beyond research, though there’s an optional field to give us your email if you’re interested in participating in future impression tests or interviews.)

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below! :point_down: