Welcome To Our Brand New Community!


Hey everyone!

As you can see, we’ve rolled out a new look and feel for the Unbounce Community, and we’re finally ready to launch it to the public! Woohoo!

Over the years our Community has grown rapidly, which means we’ve needed to adapt to ensure that we’re meeting the needs of all of our (awesome) customers.

In this new Community, we’re bringing in new features and customization that will make it even easier for our users to get the most out of what our Community has to offer.

Some of the updates that we’re most excited about are:

  • In-app and desktop notifications
  • User tagging
  • Likes
  • Peer-to-peer messaging
    …And many more!

So, what now?

Step 1: Dive In

The best way to get to learn how our Community works is by getting involved. Browse through our topics, chime in on a thread that relates to you, or create a topic of your own for the Community to interact with! Have a landing page that’s just about done, but aren’t quite sure if it’s publish-ready? Post it to the Landing Page Feedback category for feedback from other users, we promise they won’t bite.

Step 2: Show Some Love

See a post that you like, or that you found particularly helpful? Upvote! Show agreement, support, and highlight interesting posts with the prominent :heart: button on every post. Your upvotes help to determine which content makes it to the top of the post.

Step 3: Don’t Be Shy

A helpful place to get started is by introducing yourself, you’ll find our introduction thread here which will allow you to make a grand entrance into our Community. Tell us who you are, what you do and what you’re looking to get out of your experience here in the Community. Or, if that sounds too dry and business-y, tell us your name, your favourite meal and whether you’re a cat person or a dog person!

Step 4: Get To Know Our Experts

We have a team of Unbounce Experts within our Community who possess a wealth of knowledge in many different areas of digital marketing. Unbounce Experts are inherently supportive, and enjoy collaborating with other marketers to help them achieve greater success. Our global network of experts are best in class, and are never quick to shy away from a challenge.

On behalf of the team at Unbounce, welcome to the Community, we’re stoked to have you here!

See you in the forums!

@Justin & @Jess

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Congrats on the new launch! Looking good :slight_smile:


Thanks @Joe_Faillace! Super happy to have you on board here. :parrot:


Congrats! I can’t wait to dive in and take all the cool new features for a spin.

We even have GIFs now :smiley:


This is quite the upgrade! Thanks for all the hard work in getting everything up and running.



New look rocks…

:dealwithitparrot: :parrotcop:


We’re big fans of it internally. So fresh and so clean…


Thanks for joining us in Community 2.0, @Nicholas!

@Hristian No more unfair giphy integrations… haha.


This update ruuuuules!
Awesome work, @Jess & @Justin! :ok_hand:


Thanks dude!! :parrot:


Thanks @Dustin :gonzo_party:


:smiley: YooHooo it looks awesome


You did it! Welcome back to the land of the living, @Justin and @Jess! Looks awesome, can’t wait to dive in!


Thanks @Andrew! Feels great to be back, and happy to see you’ve made the transition over. Let us know what you think when you get a chance to poke around!


Big improvement, right @Nishant_Dewan? :wink:


Congrats for new look! 來簽個到 <- 可能只有我一個台灣人- -


You folks moved to Discourse?

Nice. Looks good.


Thanks @Richard_Millington! Our team is seriously loving Discourse. How have you found it so far in your own Community?


Broadly it’s the most advanced forum-based platform out there and the dev team is top-notch.

It can be quirky at times. We’ve often witnessed sudden breakages because of new updates etc. Are you self-hosting or hosting with them?