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Happy #WelcomeWednesday! I wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to some of our newest members!

We’d like to get to know you better! So, if you’re new, tell us a bit about yourself!

Let’s start with some ice breakers…

1. How’d you hear about the Unbounce community?

2. What are you currently using Unbounce for?

3. Are you stuck on anything? How can we help?

4. Which do you prefer, pizza or pasta? :pizza: :spaghetti:

Let’s give a warm welcome to some of our newest members :wave:

Looking at you :eyes: @fractionmktg, @njohnson, @christian.revprep, @jbranch, @Rick_Dunetz, @jane_fane, @Roberts_Bite, @MrElite, @evanscott7, @Luke_McDermott, @jonkane, @frnkr, @Frank_G, @richard.little, @bulletta, @sgc9, @ESSDigital, @nimachar, @john.doan, @veddit, @Les_Zeppelin, @lcanotti, @dhope, @Jobina_Hardy, @evadoskova, @Navya_Basavaraju, @Hanson_Cheng, @ramsharma001, @Marcoco, @unbounce_forum_user, @glen, @kaolincreative, @densodev, @kasima, @Michael_Salzano!

Stoked to have you all here! :clap:

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Hi Everyone!

  1. I work at an agency, and the client already uses Unbounce, so it made sense to continue to use it :slight_smile: It is very good and quick.

  2. We’re building a slightly more complex signup journey, with a few different pieces.

  3. As I’m used to building everything from scratch, it’s been interesting finding out what is possible with Unbounce without any custom code. I’ve done a few bits of custom here and there as needed.
    The only thing I want to be able to do, which I don’t think is possible, regardless of custom code is to be able to pull data from a secure database and use that data to either customise the page, or send people to the different pages.

  4. Pizza, all the way, especially with chilli oil all over it. All my pizza’s have to be spicy :wink:

I’m looking forward to being part of the community, both in learning from everyone else, and sharing my JS knowledge.

P.S. @Jess Thanks for the introduction, I don’t know if I would have said anything without it :sunny:


Hey Joshua! Great to have you here! :smiley:

Thanks for chiming in, I have a couple of follow up questions.

I’m curious, how complex are we talking? I know a few members here at Unbounce, and a couple of customers who might have experience with complex signup journeys who I can loop in, I’d just need a bit more detail if you’d be willing to share.

As for pulling data from a secure database, that’s doable, depending on what you’re trying to do. Do you mind giving me a bit more information in terms of what information you’re wanting to use to customize the page or send users to different pages? I’ve got a couple people here (@Rob, @Sean_Powell, and @Julia_Pineda) involved in the conversation all eager to help. :slight_smile:

YES!!! :pizza: :raised_hands:

So glad you chimed in here, I’ll keep an eye out for your response, Joshua!