[Webinar] How-to Get Amazing User Insight using Feedback Polls in HotJar [62:51]


Hey Folks!

One of the areas the Community team will be putting a lot of focus on in 2017 is User Research.

Bottom line is this: We want to know what content you’re looking for, what pain points you’re trying to solve and how we can provide you with the most value during your time in the Community. Period.

To do this, we’ll be implementing different research techniques ranging from heatmaps and UX testing, to reaching out to members directly and conducting user feedback polls.

Unbounce’s very own Senior Conversion Rate Optimizer Michael Aagaard recently sat down with Founder/CEO of HotJar, David Darmanin, to chat about feedback polls and how incredible they are for gaining user insight, including:

  • Where you should be conducting polls on your site
  • Common mistakes that could render the research useless
  • Designing a poll for the optimal response rate
  • Design mistakes to avoid

I highly recommend checking out this webinar, especially if you’d like to learn more about your leads and their intentions/behaviours.

###:link: Feedback Polls: Secret Tips for Getting Amazing User Insight

Still have questions that weren’t covered in the webinar? Fire them off in the comments below and we’ll see if @aagaard himself can shed some more light on feedback polls here in the Unbounce Community.