WebHook: POST your form data to a URL ERROR



Under my WEBHOOK POST TO URL, I set the URL pointing to our server example: http://free-int.sample.dk/unbounce-webhook-email.php.

But it shows an error:

WebHook URL: http://free-int.sample.dk/unbounce-webhook-email.php
HTTP Response Code: 403

How to fix this issue?




Hi KayJ,

What exactly are you trying to accomplish with the webhook? And have you successfully used that webhook before on other pages?


I wanted to validate the input fields from the other website if the information is existing or not. I don’t know if this is possible on unbounce.com.

The webhook serve as a bridge between unbounce.com and another website. If you have an idea, can you help me how?



Hi Nicholas, this is my first time using the unbounce and webhook.


Hi @KayJ,

Webhooks, in general, are used to push data from A to B. It’s not intended to query a database or another site.

Form validation should be used to validate fields before the form is submitted or if you have an API access, you can use that to check if a specific value already exists in your DB.

Hope this points you in the right direction.


P.S. The answer to your original question: The problem might be from the permission settings of the file when you uploaded it. Should be set to 664.


Hi Hristian,

Do you have sample API access on how does it work?




Hi Kay,

I think you are missing the point a bit - APIs are service/product specific.

Whatever tool/service you are using to store your customers/leads information that’s where you need to look for the API. Almost all 3rd parties offer some kind of programmatic access to your own account and the information stored in it.

You’re already storing this information somewhere since you want to check against it for duplicates, right?



Hi Hristian,

Thanks for the response. I’m confused at first, I understand now what you
mean. :slight_smile:


When I set posting URL in webhook, and configure field mapping correctly on capturing leads webhook is showing failed response like this:
“result”: “failed”,
“price”: “0.00”,
“msg”: “Invalid Request”,
“errors”: [
“error”: “Invalid Request”