Webhook and zapier

Hi everyone,
I wanted to ask you about the integrations between unbounce and zapier.
I have a link like this: “https://hooks.zapier.com/hooks/catch/4343…” through which I should pass a value from a landing page, to track the conversion. The landing doesn’t have a form, but has a paypal buy now button that redirect, if the user purchases, to a thank you page where he can download a pdf.

I tried to insert the above link in the Integrations > WebHook section, using a Custom Fields…
But on the other side they tell me that they don’t catch anything …

Do you have suggestions?

Thanks a lot

Hey Webbirks,

I don’t have any suggestions but I can try making your workflow, if you share the landing page where the buy now button is located.

Hi @webbirks,

The webhook integration only works if you have a native Unbounce form on your page and you want to pass the values of that form to Zapier.

In your particular case, you would have to write a bit of custom JS that listens for clicks and POSTs a value to your endpoint in Zapier.


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Thanks Hiristian,

Should I have some examples of that? I’m not very familiar with javascript…

Thanks again

Hi @webbirks,

Your particular use case is pretty specific and the JS must be coded for your exact needs.

You can try finding a JS developer on Upwork or similar sites.