We want your swag feedback!


I need your feedback!

What’s the best piece of swag you’ve ever received, or seen? For example, branded bottle openers, dog hoodies, sunglasses… That sort of thing.

We don’t want to be like that house on the block who hands out tooth brushes to trick-or-treater’s on Halloween. We want to give you all stuff that you actually want.

But I’m not a mind reader, and you guys are brilliant, so hit me back with some details! Thanks in advance! :blush:


In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with t-shirts, as long as they are nice quality. But other swag items I personally love are silicone wristbands (both the silicone and the terry cloth type), sunglasses, pens with a stylus built in, business card holders, mugs, and flash drives. Oh, and socks for sure. :ok_hand:


I was at a beach and people were walking around throwing branded frisbees, I thought that was pretty great…I also love playing frisbee though. I have never expected much from swag, however, I’ll second the flash drives. Cheap and useful.

I imagine disposable cameras could be well received…you would be giving someone a relatively old fashioned device that has kind of made a comeback recently, and your brand doesn’t just stop at the device. It creates a memory through the photo someone puts up on their wall. Could be a very thoughtful, yet cheap swag item that stays with people! Especially if you were marketing for a company that prints disposable camera pictures, although that seems a tad evil…maybe not though.

Also…still have a branded bottle opener on my keychain that’s a few years old at this point. Never underestimate the power of bottle openers especially in regards to college students. :smiley:

Edit: If you figured out a way to brand charging cables…oh man. With great power comes great responsibility.



+1 for a blue/blue-ish USB cable :slight_smile:

Also, I would suggest branded Lego mini figures. You can get custom printed mini-figures with your logo.


I’m all bout the tee’s and hoodies. If they are nice people wear them and are proud of them. The best swag I have is always “wearable”. I still have/wear tee’s from various conferences, etc, going back 5+ years.

Flash drives look cool at first, but I don’t think many people use them any more. I have drawers full that never get used.

One of my fave pieces of swag is an old WordPress coffee mug I have, actually a set of 4 and I have been using them since 2008! People always ask me “where did you get that?” :slight_smile:

I have a few really nice knapsacks too, hard to come by they ain’t cheap to make, but you could sell them to your uber fans :stuck_out_tongue: or give them away in contest, promos, etc.

Stickers are always good - just saying!

Fitted baseball caps with an embroidered logo - so sweet!

I’ll second socks! I got a sweet pair from canux 2014 still love’em! They were made by Sucks By Williams a Canadian company.

Branded cables re cool, but too many different use cases and types of cables.

I also really dig posters. Cool art you can hang on your office wall. SXSW does a really good job of this every year. You could commission some local artist and do a series of “inspirational” Unbounce posters … “Collect them all!!”

I’m sure I can come up with more … :blush:


Really like the poster idea @digibomb


I totally agree with the suggestions for hoodies and posters. Both would be awesome.


Already some great ideas posted, I personally really like functional use swag.


(audible gasp) SCREEN CLEANER!

Thanks for all these @Zane! You rock!


Absolutely fantastic examples. Thanks for the links too @digibomb!


I use a dashboard platform (grow.com) that sends clients a Chrome Bit and mini Bluetooth keyboard after the first 30 days. Probably the coolest “swagesque” thing I’ve received.

Really good ideas already taken but how about these, all branded of course:

mini basketball hoop

mini wooden airplanes

lastly, we all need to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, so how about some nerf guns


I can’t believe we haven’t considered the zombie apocalypse in all of our SWAG planning, what were we thinking?! :joy:

Thanks so much for these detailed suggestions, @Dave_Reinke, these are great!


My favorite piece of swag I’ve ever gotten was a branded Hydro Flask. I have tons of normal metal/plastic water bottles from companies but the hydro flask is really high quality and I use it every day. I got it as a special swag item, for signing up for a free trial.

I also have a mini branded nerf football that we throw around at work

Quality, small bottle openers are great too.

Do they make branded coffee?

I personally don’t really like pens, mints, bracelets, or notebooks because everyone gives them out. I also have plenty of mugs so I pass on those now.


@jillian You’re so right. Thank you for providing a list of items that you’re not interested in as well. I love the nerf ball idea, it saves the hassle of having to go around and pick up tiny nerf ammo from nerf guns. These all have definitely been inspiring…


@Jess the people want beer!


@Stefano I’d +1 an Unbounce Lager :beers:


@Stefano @Justin The people have spoken.


Working for a company that supplier headwear to all manner of companies, it would have to be a nicely produced baseball cap branded with an eye-catching design that people would wear whenever - www.sharonleeltd.co.uk


I would love an umbrella actually…


@Stefano I believe there were Unbounce umbrellas (Un-brellas :smirk:), once upon a time. @Justin is a die hard fan of IKEA umbrella’s so it will take some doing to convince him to upgrade.

@Stephen_Clarke Thanks for that resource! I’ll definitely look at that for inspiration, I think in a couple weeks I’ll make a poll for everybody to vote on - baseball caps will definitely make the list.