We’re Celebrating You and Your Incredible Work. See the New Unbounce Brand Identity

Hi folks,

Since starting Unbounce almost a decade ago, we’ve continually strived to give you all the tools & support you need to do your best work. This community is just one of the ways we’ve tried to go above and beyond for you.

And after ten years of one pretty consistent look, we’ve spiced things up. In recognition of the remarkable work you do with our platform—your relentless drive to create truly exceptional marketing experiences, we’ve refreshed our brand identity and we wanna tell you all about it:

:point_right: Find Out What’s New!

What do we mean we want to “make extra your new normal”?

Well, you’ve always inspired us by putting in that extra effort to give your campaigns that sizzle :bacon: None of you have ever seem satisfied with the status quo, and that makes you our kind of people. You really blow us away. Just like the time:

Truly amazing marketing (the segmented, personalized, clever kind of our dreams) has only gotten harder and harder over the years. Yet here you are, continuing to do us proud by choosing to make extra your default setting every day. And so in return, we strive to give you all you need to get more from your marketing.

What makes you Extraordinary?

Let us know in the thread below all those times you (or someone on your team) sprinkled some zest on top of a campaign and supercharged your marketing. Yes, we will be reading every single one and clapping for you at our desks. :clap:

Make sure to check out this blog post all about our fresh brand identity, and get an opportunity to participate in the launch, too.

We sincerely hope you love the new look, and thanks for going above and beyond with us all this time.



Hi Carter,

Great mail and thank you for the mention!

Even if you didn’t get my username right :joy:

Best regards

Andreas Obel


:sweat_smile: Good grief! Swing and a miss.

The intention was there!

Oh no, so sorry Andreas!! Thanks for pointing it out, we’ve fixed it up :slightly_smiling_face:

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So excited about all the new changes! Big things are happening. And thanks for the shout-out!

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Looking sharp!

We’ve used Unbounce to get some crazy conversion rates (50-60%!), and it looks like this awesome platform is only getting better and better.

Keep up the great work everyone!


PS @Jess - did you get my message?