We have a new system for feature requests

Hi everyone!

We’ve just launched a new system to collect your feature requests and product feedback and I’m personally very excited about it.

Why did we change this?

There was no easy way to collect each individual request here in the community. There were many duplicated posts, and with no way to properly categorize each request, it became tricky on our side to be able to quantify these requests in order to prioritize them. We have been doing our best up until this point, but our new system will make feature requests and product feedback far easier for us to visualize and prioritize.

How can you help?

Share your feature requests and product feedback with us! We’ve created a very short survey (7 questions) to help identify the pain point you’re trying to solve. The more feedback we receive, the better we can be at aligning the product with your business needs.

You can find a link to the survey in the top nav here in the community as well, if you have feedback you’d like to give in the future.

Got feedback that you’d like to share with the Unbounce team?

Take the survey now!


This is going to be super empowering for the community. Simple Typeform submission - just did a quick submission on an exciting feature that we’ll hopefully see in the future… holding marketing fingers :crossed_fingers: