We could really use "Rotation" ability for images and text boxes


We could really use “Rotation” ability for images and text boxes


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the feedback! We currently don’t have this built into the app, but I can see how some may find this feature useful.

The easiest way to achieve this right off the bat would be to simply open the image in photoshop, rotate it, save it and upload the image to your library.

However, if you’re looking to render the rotation in browser, or rotate text boxes, you can achieve this effect with a bit of CSS. A quick search pulled up this workaround:

Let me know if this helps!


Hi Justin, could you give more detailed instructions about how to use CSS to rotate text boxes in Unbounce? 



I wouldn’t use CSS to rotate your content (not yet anyways). People using Internet Explorer 8 will not see it:



Good point, Phillip! 
Samantha, I would actually take Phillip’s suggestion and stay away from using CSS to rotate text boxes. Breaking things in IE8 will be a big pain and can cause confusion for those customers. Even though it’s an ancient browser, it still has a fairly strong user base.