I’ve been using Unbounce for a couple of months now. I’ve been trying to ‘crack’ a campaign all this time - many hooks, many page designs, different landing page layouts, etc. Tested, tested, tested. Maybe it’s my copy, the hook, … whatever it was I just was not getting any conversions or lead. I’m using FB ads to drive traffic to my pages, btw. So, I installed HotJar to get a better idea of what people were seeing and where they were clicking. I found that all my pages are broken - *** instead of numbers, images over the copy, chopped tablet view.

I’ve only JUST found out that … "your customers are liking accessing your page within the Facebook browser which is unfortunately not supported with Unbounce :confused: " and that “this issue does not happen with all devices, it is just certain mobile devices where this issue occurs.”

Hopefully, this doesn’t come as too much of a shock to you, as it did me. I’ve spent months of FB ad spend on this and plenty of hours of my time. If this saves anyone from the frustration I have experienced, that’s great.

BTW, Unbounce IS working on the FB viewer issure and it’s something they are aware of.

Have any of you had any problems with your pages in FB viewer and what have you done to overcome this?


We have 230 unbounce pages and all of them receive adwords and facebook traffic. i didn’t see a dip in conversions coming from fb, so i assume it’s a very specific problem. is unbounce able to tell what exactly can break the experience in the facebook apps webview browser?


I ran into the same unfortunate discovery earlier this year… lots of wasted time and effort and ad spend to find out that for some users, especially for certain mobile phones, the Unbounce LP will be broken in the Facebook viewer/browser! And we have no control over having the FB ad landing page open in an external browser. It seemed the Unbounce team wasn’t aware of this pretty big flaw when I contacted them…

Sorry to say I couldn’t find a workaround. Wished though that Unbounce was a little more communicative/proactive about this and did their own research to advise us on what elements to avoid to reduce the effect of this shortcoming. I guess making your layout as simple as possible would be a best bet against the layout distortions but fingers crossed it won’t be too long before this is remedied, as it’s likely affecting a sizeable chunk of your Facebook ad audience right now!