Want to map selected webinar to mailchimp as a date field


To use a welcome automation flow based on a date in MailChimp, I need to map over a date field for the webinar that my guest selects. 
I can currently only set up these selection fields as text fields and thus they get an error if I try to map them as a date (obviously). 

Is there any work around that you know of? I am trying to avoid having to go in and schedule 2 pre-webinar emails and 2 post-webinar emails that are very specific to the date and time of that webinar…



I do have the same problem providing an signup form for my webinars on unbounce. In order for the mail automation to work properly I need the picked date field within the unbounce form to mapped as a date to mailchimp.

Has there been any changey to the problem, yet? If so, I really appreaciate any help. Thirdparty tools, such as zappier are not a workaround I can work with at the moment.

Thank you!!


Hi Erin,

To be honest, I haven’t used the native MailChimp X Unbounce integration much - but I often use Zapier for non-native/sophisticated integrations. Maybe that could solve your problem?

Let me know if that works!