Viewing Published page when domain name is pending


I am currently waiting for my support team to approve the redirect for my custom domain name. I went to view a published page, but it says its not found on the server.



Hi Kathryn - I had a quick look in your account and the set-up looks good from the Unbounce end, but connecting your custom domain does require that the CNAME record be in place.

Before that happens, you won’t be able to publish to that domain (Unbounce is ready to serve those pages, but until your DNS record is set-up, internet service providers don’t know your addresses should point to our host). So, you’ll need to get your internal support team to add that DNS record first.

If you just want to take a look at how your pages will look when published, you can change the domain back to our test domain and you’ll see them live there (then you can change the domain back, once your CNAME is created). We’ve got more detail on changing your page URLs here.


Thank you!