View All The Conversions From All The Landing Pages


It would be nice to have access to a general analytic page showing the performance (visits and conversions) of all the landing pages at once.

For instance, I wanted to see which of my landing pages are performing best and compare one with an other (I am not talking about variants/champion/challenger), but, I could not find a way to do this :frowning:

Amazing service otherwise, thanks!


Hey Celine, just to clarify: would the ability to sort your list of pages by Conversion Rate, so that you could have pages with the highest conversion rate at the top do the trick?


Hi Carter,

That could do the trick!

I know it is a lot of work, but you could definitely develop the “Traffic Usage Meter”.
Show the overall number of conversions just like there is for visitors. Maybe some charts showing the performance of the landing pages would be nice too, with the sources details for instance. I am not saying something sophisticated like Google Analytics (of course!) but just a couple of useful features, which could make a big difference.

Those are just thoughts/ideas :wink:


Great feedback, thanks Celine! We have plans for better reports on this stuff down the line (can’t promise anything with regards to an ETA unfortunately) plus a pretty big UI overhaul that will make it a lot easier to browse your pages and groups of pages, and get an aggregate of stats like the ones you’re asking for.


Well, I guess, I will patiently be waiting for it :wink:


And I appreciate your patience :slight_smile: Hopefully it won’t be too long before you start seeing some changes around how we handle stats.


Agree, this is a necessity. As is the ability to download csv or xls data relating to page visitation including page, variant and time.