Are you planning to have an option in the future to VIEW ALL LEADS?
So I could download and see it all? I wouldn’t have to go to each of my 100 landing page one by one to see.

That would be great! It is now really annoying that I cannot do this.


Agreed, that featured would be very nice.


Yes, better management of leads on a whole is under consideration. No ETA yet, but we will update here when it’s been slotted into the road map.


Yes, I was told the same 7 months ago. I would like to know when I can expect this to happen. I mean, the “road map” may be years or maybe just weeks from now? It would be great to know.


Hi Viktoria, before this works its way into our application, we’ll be releasing phase #1 of our API in the next couple of months that will allow you to pull all leads for an account with a little bit of development effort. I would suggest hoping over here and adding a “+1” so that you’re notified when it’s released:…


We’ve launched our API in an “early access” state. You can view details at

We don’t allow for “easy” querying of all leads, but you should be able to pull all leads across all sub-accounts programmatically - something you can’t yet do with our web application.