Video Lightbox is not passing through views to YouTube



I’ve set up a lightbox so when people click a certain image, a video within a lightbox pops up.
We’ve set up an email campaign around this landing page and noticed that over 3000 people clicked the image or the play button, but youtube is nog registering the views.

Should I simply embed the video on the landing page or is there a solution available to push through the views from the lightbox?


I have heard of this happening before, and its a Youtube thing. I don’t think it has anything to do with the video being on the landing page or in a lightbox, as long as the iFrame is in good order. Youtube prefers to count video plays when they happen on their page, not on an embed.

But its always good to double check that everything is pasted properly from Youtube in the iframe embed. If you are using autoplay=1, make sure that is in the right place…But even then it may not count.

<iframe width=“560” height=“315”
src=“” frameborder=“0”

Here is an article I found explaining views that do not count.


Thanks Kyle!

Apparently, embedding a video is not an issue. The issue is that the “play action” doesn’t get triggered within the embedded youtube player, but from clicking the image, which then launches the video in a lightbox via JS.

I’ve deleted the video lightbox and embedded the videos on the page itself. It’s not as clean, but it does the trick.


Oh okay, got it :+1:

So out of curiosity, how are you placing the videos on your page/lightbox?

Are you using the “Custom HTML” option in the unbounce builder? Or, are you using the “Embed Video” option?