Video embedding issue!


Hi I have embedded a youtube video into my landing page. It shows in the preview, I save, I publish the page.

BUT then if you use the link the video has disappeared??

I cannot work out why!!

Can you help please !


Also having issues even embedding a video. I keep getting an error message although the embedding link is correct. Any ideas?


Well for no reason this morning the video finally appeared! I did nothing at all, in fact I was so p****d off about it all I had to step away from the page. I went back this morning to try and again and it suddenly appeared! No idea why!!


Hi Nikki - I’m sorry to hear you were frustrated but I’m super glad to hear you got this sorted!

For immediate help, please be sure to get in touch via support[at]unbounce[dot].com. which has a much faster response time! Our community forum is best reserved for sharing tips, tricks, and how-tos. Hope that helps!


Hey Daniel - I hopped into your account but couldn’t see any pages with video embedded on them. Check your email, I’ve opened a support ticket so we can dig in further!