Video background lagging, previews lo-res image

I’m embedding a video background from YouTube on this page:

  1. There’s a lag while the video loads/autoplays
  2. While it’s doing so, a lo-res preview image is put is displayed.

Does anyone know how to fix this so as not to have the random, lo-res preview image (or I’d even take being able to set my own preview image that is better quality)?


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I dont get any such :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep, high-res image loading here. This is a nice page; the video would be gilding the lily, IMO.

Nice page. How did you do the auto-scrolling slider/gallery?

I see you put the video on its own, near the bottom of the page. I think it’s better like that. When I embed a video background, I also get a low-res preview loading image.

Suggestions: #1 Turn off ‘suggested videos’ at the end of the video playback. #2 Embed the GMB/map of the actual business, instead of a generic map.