Video background header will not load?


anyone know why this header video isn’t loading on my page? is there a bug with this feature currently?


Hi there, it’s loading for me. Are you still having issues with it? Maybe try clearing your cache?


the first frame loads but the video does not play for me :frowning:

is the video playing for you?


Are you referring to the desktop or mobile version of your page? Video backgrounds don’t work on mobile. By default, Unbounce just displays a still image from them. This is not a limitation of Unbounce, but rather a limitation of mobile devices. Most do not allow videos to autoplay.

You can change the image on mobile if you want in the Unbounce builder, if you don’t want it to display just a random still frame.

This is also mentioned in more detail here:

Although moving images in the backgrounds of mobile pages is not recommended, if you absolutely need to get it working, one workaround I’ve done in the past is to use an animated GIF instead of a video as the background image.

That will work on mobile. But again, it might be a bandwidth hog and it might cause some usability issues for users who have a hard time reading the text in front of it.

Hope this helps!