Video Autostart

Hello everybody,

I wonder, if there is a solution to have a video autostarted (unmuted)

Currently it‘s not possible with YouTube.

Does anybody maybe know other providers, where this works?

Best Marco

Hi @marcogk,

You can autoplay an embedded YouTube video.
Just add autoplay=1 to your URL and your video will autoplay on load.

However, keep in mind this won’t work on mobile phones due to limitations set by mobile browsers.


I know about this (and other) parameters. But autoplay doesn’t work when video is not muted

Have you tried uploading it to Giphy cat and then using their iframe code on the landing page?

Hey @marcogk.

The restriction on playing videos unmuted is a Chrome restriction (with other browsers like Safari following suit) rather than a Youtube restriction. See:

I’d consider embedding an autoplayed, muted video and:

  • Rely less on sound - use subtitles or visual cues more in your video
  • Ask users to unmute the video by highlighting the button (like Instagram’s “SOUND” sticker)

Sorry it’s not the answer you wanted. FWIW, I have a muted vid on my homepage and it works well.