Vertical Alignment


How to vertically align a page like the one at Thanks.


Hi Adrien - In order to achieve vertical alignment like what is done on the sample page you have linked to, you can add transparent page sections both above and below the main page section which you wish to include content into. I have made a page here to demonstrate this method.

I hope that helps!


Hey Adrien - digging into this some more, I just noticed that the page section in the sample page you’ve linked to actually stays centered (horizontally and vertically) even when browser windows are resized. I know Ryan probably mentioned this to you as well but indeed something like this would require custom javascript and css.

We don’t have known a setup for this with Unbounce pages just yet but when we do, I will ensure to update you again. Sorry about that!


Jacquelyn, thanks for the follow-up.

This is exactly why I’ve posted this here because I imagine that someone has already managed to do that with Unbounce.

One trick could be to have some kind of frame. No?