Variants not displaying even when weight is set to 50/50


when i publish a page with two variants - it seems to only display one of them no matter how many times I refresh. The “weight” is set to 50/50 so theoretically it should work no? Is there something I am forgetting? The URL Is:…


Hey Jeff - fear not! There is a simple explanation for this.

When you or your visitors first arrive at a landing page, we deposit a cookie on your machine to keep track of the variant you saw. This is how we track unique visitors vs. visits and how we ensure that you see the same variant each time you return. Therefore, refreshing the page will continually serve up the same variant as long as you’ve got that cookie stored.

You can get around this by either deleting the cookie and revisiting the page or by appending a.html, b.html, c.html etc. (depending on the variant you’d like to see) after the path of the landing page URL - keep in mind that the variants *must* have weight assigned to them in order to show up using this method.

Hopefully this helps cheer you up.

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