Variable content according the responses form


Hi there,
In the confirmation Dialop page, I would like to display a variable message :

  • if the visitor has checked the Box A on the landing page then display this picture
  • if the visitor has checked the B, than display another picture

Any idea?
Thanks for your help.


Hi Pierre. Unfortunately this type of functionality is not possible with Unbounce, as we don’t have dynamically changing forms at this time. You could configure two buttons (instead of a form) on your landing page that send your users to different pages which could act as a confirmation page, but this isn’t possible using a form.


ok thanks for your reply


any idea with a specific code?


Unfortunately I don’t have suggestions on custom code to achieve this functionality as we don’t natively support it. However, the easiest workaround would be to use two buttons instead of a form. Perhaps on each second page (after they click the button) you could place a form that would capture their information.