Validating form field content during entry


Anybody have any luck creating input masks for fields? For example, I want to require at least six characters in a particular form field. How do I do that?


I need to create input masking as well. For instance on a date field ( i.e DOB)- I can suggest they enter mm/dd/yyyy but if they put in mm/dd/yy like 7/2/57 the year gets saved as 2057 not 1957. then on confirm email their date is wrong and they email that it needs to be fixed because it does Very frustrating.
How can I force a mm/dd/yyyy entry on the form?

Also phone numbers are frustrating as well. Unbounce checks to see if 10 characters but that is it - They can enter just 10 numbers and it is a pass, but they can enter 610-456-1234 or 6104561234 or (610)456-1234 and it takes all of them. This causes me a problem because I have to strip out all the garbage to leave just the numbers and there is no set pattern. I would love to have the ability to capture it exactly as 123-123-1234 and force it that way.

Can anyone help with any of this?