UX Enhancements: Breadcrumbs & Page Filing


Pagination: It’d be great if you could input an additional breadcrumb that contained a drop down for page groups. For example the breadcrumbs structure in Edit mode would look like: Group A > Page XYZ > Variant A. This would be really handy for implementing changes across various pages that fall within a particular grouping.

Another good feature would be to manually move the order of pages in particular groups up and down. At the moment these are structured based on when they are created. I have several pages in one group that appear as Page 1,9,7,5,3,2,6,4,8 - it’d be awesome if I could order these!


Hi Christian - thanks for the feedback!

Page organization is something that our Product team is doing some research on now for a future revamp, so I’ll make sure they see this.