UTM's causing odd link behavior


We have a footer in all our unbounce pages that has a box with multiple text links. If I use a UTM to get to the URL of the unbounce page, the first link in one footer section will become the link for all subsequent sections.

For example if you go to

footer links work like this:
About Page (about link)
How to page (how to page link)
Help page (help link)

If you go to try.ourdomain.com/unbouncepage?utm_campaign=something

footer links work like this:
About page(about link)
How to page (about link)
Help page (about link)

any help is appreciated. more than happy to send some example links via DM.


@sgro28 I would need to see the examples. I’m not following :frowning:

Do you have the box that says pass values checked by chance?



Thanks, I will DM you


Ok, I think I have it figured out.

When doing text links in unbounce you have to select EACH line of text then apply the full URL you want to send people to. In this case, the query params have nothing do to with the error. When I looked at the elements they all share the same url.

Take a look at this screen cast. For the first 2 text items, I selected them individually, for 3&4 I selected them together. When you look at the HTML you’ll see how 1 & 2 have different urls and 3&4 have the same.

Hope that solves the problem!!



This makes sense, but in unbounce i do have each line of text as a separate
link. it only duplicates links when the UTM is attached.

Maybe there is another bit of code that is linking multiple bits of text to
one link? i’ll have to look