Utilizing Google Ad Extensions Unbounce Landing Pages?


Trying to come up with some ideas that will allow me to add “Ad Extensions” to text ads that are directed to my Unbounce Landing Page(s). I have a client that I have developed “regional landing pages” which feature several different locations (20+) for 4 different regions. A landing page “template” has been used against a common list of AdGroups to establish landing page relevancy for each region.

“Site link” extensions don’t apply as there is a “single landing page” experience, “phone extensions” don’t apply as there are 20+ different phone numbers for the individual locations, ditto “location address extensions”, “social extensions”, & “review extensions”

As use of “ad extensions” has now become part of Google’s AdRank calculation, I would like a creative way to utilize them. Ideas? Suggestions??


Hi Aaron - The site link, phone, and location extensions definitely don’t sound like a good fit, but you have ruled out most of the other available extensions (review/consumer or seller rating or social would have been my suggestions as they ad some validation to your ad without creating links that change your marketing funnel).

One thing that you won’t be able to add right away is image extensions. It’s currently in beta, so you do have to wait for approval, but it works for almost all product/services offerings. The image extension beta application is here: https://services.google.com/fb/forms/…