Using Unbounce with an existing site?


Hi there.

I’ve got an existing site that does not convert. That is what has me excited about unbouce :slight_smile:

My question is what are some best practices for using unbounce with an existing site? Do I:

Redirect traffic from my most popular pages to unbounce?
Redesign my most popular pages and have those serve as a click through to lead capture page on unbouce?
Or do something else I have not thought of?


Hi Timothy,
Seems like you are looking to do lead gen.

In that case, I would go with option #2 - include a relevant call to action on your most popular pages and then push them through to the lead gen pages in Unbounce.

This way you are setting up the landing page correctly to be a standalone landing page that can accept traffic from your website (and in the future perhaps from other inbound sources like email).

If you simply redirected the traffic to an Unbounce page, you would need to recreate the purpose of that page in Unbounce which would take you away from the concept of a single CTA on the landing page.

Just make sure that the CTA that directs them from your current page has strong message match with the headline of the landing page.

I hope that helps a bit.



Thanks for the reply. That’s super helpful!