Using Unbounce to build entire site


How might I use Unbounce to build an entire site, with each page being a conversion-centric “landing page” that also happens to incorporate a traditional navigation menu? Is that how was built? Thanks!


Hey Tom - It’s definitely possible to build individual Unbounce pages and link them together to create a micro-site but no, that’s not how we built our main website.

I know of a handful of customers who use Unbounce this way though truthfully, it more cumbersome than using a proper website builder like SquareSpace. The trouble is that your standard navigation menu would have to be build and updated manually on each page. As it stands, you can’t use a standard header like you might with Wordpress.

But where there’s a will there’s a way! If you really want to make it work, you definitely can.


Thanks Ryan. I’m rethinking my strategy for a client and will probably create the main site pages using DreamWeaver, then link each page’s call-to-action button to an Unbounce landing page for conversion.