Using Unbounce for main site home page - accommodating different states (logged in versus logged out)


We’re considering using our landing page as our main home page.

My main question is how we’d make the “login” button in the upper right (or the main CTA) send people to different places based on their “state” (whether they are logged in - which would take them to the inner workings of the site…versus being logged out, which would take them to the actual log in page).

Has anyone done this before? I’m assuming this will involve some custom scripts, but I don’t want to send our engineers down this path if it’s not possible.

Thanks very much.


Hi Nichole!

To be honest, I do not recommend using an Unbounce form to capture or transmit confidential data such as username-password combinations. Unbounce forms are not encrypted.

What could be done is to embed a third-party form or page within a lightbox. However, it would probably be far simpler to have an “Already have an account?” Button that simply opens to the URL This way, we cut the lightbox out of the equation, and a visitor will more quickly reach a log-in screen.

Does this sound like an approach that works for you? Let me know, I can forward you some more steps if you’d like. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @nmontoya we’ve built a few pages in Unbounce that clients are using as their main site. Although I don’t fully recommend it for those purposes it can work well if it is a simple page and you want to take advantage of what UB has to offer in the ways of A/B testing etc.

That being said, in your situation I would recommend creating a your main site and for the login button, direct them to a login page that is not on Unbounce that logs them into whatever backend you are using. This would be the safest and easiest way to do this.

Hope that helps.

  • Brendan