Using Unbounce for homepage testing


Client wants to test some new homepages and has Unbounce setup for this. What is the best way to set the Unbounce landing page as the homepage. Current setup is WordPress. I have seen a few posts but they are very outdated and no resuloutions.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hi @SSmeredith (welcome to the community :tada:)

Just to clarify, your client wants to A/B test different homepages for an external Wordpress site? If that’s the case–Unfortunately, A/B testing on Unbounce is limited to the pages and variants created within Unbounce and cannot be used on external sites.

You can still use an Unbounce landing page as the homepage. For everything to work well and at it’s best, there should only be one page published to the URL (https:// your client URL .com/) that you have the homepage on (and any other URL you might be using with the Wordpress plugin as well). Generally our landing pages will override whatever you might have published in Wordpress at the same address, but I have definitely see instances where Wordpress will serve the page in their application over the Unbounce landing page.

So it would be best to unpublish anything you have at that URL in Wordpress to minimize any issues - and when you are finished with the page on Unbounce being the homepage you can re-publish the one in Wordpress.

Let me know if I’m misunderstanding your question and I’ll take another look. Here’s some documentation that will help you get set up with our Wordpress integration.

Hope this helps a bit!


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Hi Jess,

Sorry for my late reply. I appreciate your explanation - this is very helpful.


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