Using Unbounce for Generating online sales for fine jewellery


I am managing the PPC for my jewellery store. I have the ‘custom made’ side of the business working for me with Unbouce as it’s basically lead generation, so here’s hoping that keeps moving along well. 
The other side of the business makes and sells various things like engagement and wedding rings. Can unbounce be somehow used to sell specific physical high ticket items like Engagement rings? If so, what should I keep in mind/include - and how do I manage the transaction processing side of things? 


Hello & welcome to the Unbounce community!

Short answer: Absolutely. Unbounce is the perfect tool to create beautiful & responsive landing pages (relatively quickly).

Are you looking to generate sales directly online, or stimulate in-store visits? Unbounce pages can be used for both, be it a click-through-campaign to an e-commerce page or a direct to cart campaign. Regardless, landing pages, when done correctly, should get you higher conversion rates.

Your landing page performance will only be as good as your traffic. I often see this as being the weak point of many campaigns as many marketers struggle to generate high quality, high intent traffic.

If you have any questions - landing page, PPC or other - feel free to give me a shout!

Stefano Apostolakos


thanks for the reply.

I am looking to generate sales directly online. Can you/someone please point me towards some information that shows me how I do a direct to cart?

I would image click through doesn’t work so well as by the time they click to the main website it’s a link leak that increases chance of them clicking away elsewhere? Or is this not how it works?

On the other hand I have my reservations about doing a direct to cart as a specific fixed design for something like, say, a princess cut diamond ring is soooo specific and people generally browse around and shop around looking at different designs and styles all over the place before settling on their chosen design…a lot like a wedding dress …would it even work? I guess I’m saying it’s a product that is habitually sold based on the provision of a number of options that a person then chooses from. 


Hi Khayreyah,

Stefano is right that you can use Unbounce to sell physical products.

Here are a few tips based on my experience:

  • Selling high-value items, like engagement and wedding rings, can be hard with cold traffic. Your visitors don’t know you and won’t probably take out their credit card to make a purchase worth thousand of dollars just like that. 

  • You are better off capturing leads and putting them through an “education” email sequence. 

  • The mechanics of selling online is pretty straight forward. You need an eCommerce store or at least a service that offers cart/checkout functionality (Shopify, Gumroad or even directly using Stripe).

  • Selling online can be a great revenue stream but you also have to be very careful with chargebacks, fraud, etc. 

  • Using local PPC campaigns to drive foot traffic to your store can also be a good option.